Cambridge Learning Centre

Cambridge Learning Centre, offers preschool-aged children a solid academic foundation with the best in education, development and resources through well-balanced, integrated programmes.

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Children's Creative Learning Centers
CCLC, founded in 1992, is a national childcare provider of unique and effective programmes, operating more than 130 employer-sponsored child development centres. Read more »
The Grove School
The Grove School balances education and fun; providing children a stimulating and positive environment. It invests in the right resources, including high caliber educators to leave an indelible print on children so they are better prepared for the future. Read more »
KinderCare, founded in 1969, operates over 2,000 Early Childhood Education centres in most US States, serving over 300,000 children aged 6 weeks to 12 years. Read more »
Knowledge Beginnings
Knowledge Beginnings, national leader in early childhood education, offers programmes that focus on the holistic child to lay foundational building blocks for a lifetime love of learning. Read more »


Early Childhood Education

Childhood is a brief moment in time, and the innocence and joy of a child's early years should be honoured.

Preschool provides a wonderful opportunity for children to explore, learn and socialise, while developing character and self-confidence. In nurturing environments, children will strengthen their cognitive skills, learn through hands-on experiences and prepare themselves to succeed in more challenging school environments as they grow.

Research demonstrates that children who attend early childhood development programmes are more likely to graduate from secondary school than those who did not; they will earn higher grades, advance in grade level without repeating courses, be less prone to absenteeism, exhibit higher self-esteem, actively participate in sports, and enrol in post-secondary programmes. Studies also indicate adults who attended preschool as children attain higher employment rates, enjoy better earnings, and are less likely to become dependent on welfare.

At Knowledge Universe®, we believe in preparing children for a successful academic future and for life through instilling a vibrant sense of learning and curiosity. Our early childhood education centres are safe and secure places to learn, and our research-based curricula comprise abundant activities that model healthy behaviour, grow strong bodies and teach children how to make a lasting, positive impact on the planet.

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CambridgeCambridge Learning CentreThe Grove SchoolKinderCareKnowledge Beginnings Child Development Centers


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