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Knowledge Universe operates more than 3,000 preschools globally employing over 30,000 passionate educators and staff supported by world-class educational resources and well-researched curricula. Read more.

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If you aspire to be a Preschool Teacher in Singapore, join our unique Apprentice Programme – a salaried work-study initiative with a full scholarship towards a diploma and a guaranteed job with unlimited career potential. Take your first step at Knowledge Universe Singapore.

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Knowledge Universe caters an array of programmes that are specially designed to stimulate as well as enrich students' learning experiences as they continue to develop into their minds in the primary & secondary years. Explore how the Canadian International School's IB programmes prepare students who are "learning today, leading tomorrow"... Read more >>.

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We cater to the needs of the graduate, post-graduate and adult learning communities through our virtual and residential colleges as well as learning centres in several countries where we operate with innovative programmes to meet specific learning needs. Read more.


Knowledge Universe has specific businesses focusing on developing technology-based products and services that effectively enhance the learning experience and deliver turn-key management systems to support academic institutions.



Those who teach, can

Authentic Learning - 19 February 2014
In this presentation, I argue that of all the elements within a university, the business school ought to be best placed to insulate itself from technology-driven disruptive innovation. After all, business academics write books and journal articles about how it affects other industries, so they should be especially sensitive to its dangers. Well, not so, […]

Scrutiny Rises on Placement of Best Teachers - Education Week

Education Week - Teachers - 18 February 2014
The U.S. Department of Education is developing a 50-state strategy to put teeth into the push for equitable distribution of the nation's best teachers.
Topic: Teachers

Common-Core Tensions Cause Union Heartburn - Education Week

Education Week - Teachers - 18 February 2014
Teachers' unions find themselves navigating a tricky course on the Common Core State Standards amid concerns from some in the rank and file.
Topic: Teachers

Minority-Group Lawmakers Slam Impact of NCLB Waivers - Education Week

States have been allowed to back off from the core goal of educational equity, a group of powerful House Democrats tell the U.S. Department of Education.

Texas Restricts Influence of Text-Advisory Boards - Education Week

The Texas board of education has approved tighter rules on who can serve on volunteer panels that scrutinize textbooks.

'Transitional' Courses Catch On as College-Prep Strategy - Education Week

With many students entering college ill prepared to succeed, states and districts are increasingly offering transitional coursework for high schoolers who need extra help.

Study Asks: Is Kindergarten Too Easy? - Education Week

Kindergarten might be the new 1st grade but it may still be too easy, suggests a study in the American Educational Research Journal.

'Platooning' on the Rise in Early Grades - Education Week

The practice of assigning teachers to subject-specific classes, long a staple of middle and high schools, is gaining ground at the elementary level.

Common-Core Tensions Cause Union Heartburn - Education Week

Teachers' unions find themselves navigating a tricky course on the Common Core State Standards amid concerns from some in the rank and file.

Foul Weather Extends States' Testing Windows - Education Week

In this record-setting year for weather-related school cancellations, educators are scrambling to cover their material in less time to avoid extending school calendars into summer vacation.

Student Internships - Education Week

A majority of companies surveyed say that having an internship in high school can help students get into a better college.

'Transitional' Courses Catch On as College-Prep Strategy - Education Week

With many students entering college ill prepared to succeed, states and districts are increasingly offering transitional coursework for high schoolers who need extra help.

State of the States: Tennessee - Education Week

Gov. Bill Haslam pledged to expand high school dual enrollment and pay the first two years of college tuition for every Tennessee high school graduate, as part of a massive effort to boost the number of students who complete higher education.

STEM Careers - Education Week

A study by the ACT organization contends that there's a disconnect between students who say they plan to pursue STEM careers and those who demonstrate a genuine interest in STEM subjects.

Scholarship Fund Launched for Undocumented Students - Education Week

Donald Graham, a former owner of The Washington Post, has teamed up with Henry R. Muñoz III and Carlos Gutierrez to raise $25 million to establish TheDream.US, a fund that will provide college scholarships to low-income undocumented immigrants ineligible for federal financial aid.

Online Registration for MOE ExCEL Fest 2014 Sharing Sessions and Seminars is Now Open!

Ministry Of Education Feed - 18 February 2014

An annual event that celebrates and shares exciting and innovative practices in schools, the MOE ExCEL Fest 2014, will be open to the public on Saturday, 12 April, this year. It will be held at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, Halls 401-402, from 10am to 6pm. Admission is free.

The theme of the MOE ExCEL Fest 2014 is “Valuing Every Child, Learning for Life”. This is in line with the Ministry of Education’s student-centric focus and equips every child with a broad and deep foundation for a lifelong journey of learning. The event will see around 140 schools coming together to showcase good school practices which encourage our children to explore and discover their interests and talents in a wide range of disciplines.

Parents and interested members of the public will be offered a total of 70 Sharing Sessions and 35 Seminars by leading educators and renowned practitioners on various educational and parenting topics. Topics will range from helping your child to empathise with others to making real world connections in the learning of mathematics. Online registration for these free public sharing sessions and seminars taking place on 12 April is now open on a first-come-first-served basis at the ExCEL Fest website. Activities on 11 April are for teachers and staff of the Ministry of Education.

Visitors to the event can also look forward to 65 exhibits put up by our schools and MOE HQ. Schools will showcase their creative efforts to help develop values, skills and knowledge in our children that provide a strong foundation and prepare them for the future. Among others, exhibits will demonstrate how interdisciplinary learning can go beyond the classroom to expose our children to a greater breadth of knowledge, and how traits of a happy child and good moral character can be developed through Character and Citizenship Education lessons.


The MOE ExCEL (Excellence through Continuous Enterprise & Learning) Fest, which began in 2001, is a national platform for schools and MOE HQ to showcase and share their innovative projects. It recognises school, team and individual efforts in nurturing a culture of learning, innovation and continuous improvement and also promotes the development of professional excellence. Last year, the MOE ExCEL Fest 2013 received over 22,000 visitors over two days at ITE College Central.

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