Early Childhood

Knowledge Universe operates more than 3,000 preschools globally employing over 30,000 passionate educators and staff supported by world-class educational resources and well-researched curricula. Read more.

Career as a Preschool Teacher

If you aspire to be a Preschool Teacher in Singapore, join our unique Apprentice Programme – a salaried work-study initiative with a full scholarship towards a diploma and a guaranteed job with unlimited career potential. Take your first step at Knowledge Universe Singapore.

Primary / Secondary

Knowledge Universe caters an array of programmes that are specially designed to stimulate as well as enrich students' learning experiences as they continue to develop into their minds in the primary & secondary years. Explore how the Canadian International School's IB programmes prepare students who are "learning today, leading tomorrow"... Read more >>.

Higher Education

We cater to the needs of the graduate, post-graduate and adult learning communities through our virtual and residential colleges as well as learning centres in several countries where we operate with innovative programmes to meet specific learning needs. Read more.


Knowledge Universe has specific businesses focusing on developing technology-based products and services that effectively enhance the learning experience and deliver turn-key management systems to support academic institutions.


Knowledge Universe - A Global Leader in Education

Knowledge Universe is a global education company with a network of more than 3,000 education locations globally employing over 30,000 teachers and professional staff, as well as large online schools, colleges and school management systems which touch over five million students daily. Providing world-class educational resources and infrastructure, with well-recognised brand names, Knowledge Universe offers services in three key segments – early childhood education, primary and secondary education as well as higher education.

Knowledge Universe is a result of a life-long commitment to building human capital through education and development, driven by the vision and aspiration of our founders: 

  • To educate and develop people throughout their life 
  • To be the leading global education company and provider of superior educational offerings, under brands that are recognised for delivering impact and value to local environments.

Knowledge Universe seeks, through education, to change and make a positive impact on lives. We provide effective education that prepares our students across all ages, and dedicated education professionals with the knowledge, skills and values for an enriching life. We embrace the spirit of learning as shared by Alvin Toffler when he said, "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

Our goals are to…

  • Provide learning environments and discerning education programmes that enrich students’ development, promote respect for education, and the joy of learning.
  • Play an active and supportive role in helping students balance their personal and professional development in the pursuit of lifelong goals.
  • Elevate teaching as a desirable and honourable profession through developing and implementing well-researched curricula and personal development resources that promote teaching excellence and respect for the profession.
  • Embrace ethical business practices while upholding the highest standards of corporate accountability and social responsibility.
  • Enhance the value that we bring to those around us – our students, employees, shareholders, business partners and the community wherein we operate – through ongoing commitment to educational research, development and innovation that provide new and greater opportunities for growth.

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